ICO Pitch Competition

CryptoBlockCon 2017 Spencer Montgomery

Previous Winners

CryptoBlockCon 2018 – Los Angeles Winner:  Stephen Meade, MonetaProMonetaPro - CryptoBlockCon ICO Pitch Competition Winner

The team at CryptoBlockCon has made it their mission to showcase startups using blockchain technology to solve problems, improve society and disrupt industries by creating transparency and adding security.  CryptoBlockCon’s ICO pitch competitions are a great way for companies going through an ICO, or who have an ICO planned, to pitch to investors, make industry connections, practice their pitch skills, and win exhibit booths at future CryptoBlockCon events.


CryptoBlockCon’s New York City ICO Pitch Competition will take place on August 15th at 12:15pm.

What’s the Prize?

Winners will be granted an exhibit booth at a future CryptoBlockCon event of your choosing, plus company name, description and logo permanently listed on the official list of CryptoBlockCon ICO Pitch Competition Winners on www.cryptoblockcon.com


5 judges will be selected from the CryptoBlockCon advisory board and from keynote speakers.

Important Info:

–Entry to the ICO competition costs $1,500 on top of current sponsorship/exhibit package. You MUST be a current sponsor or exhibitor in order to compete in CryptoBlockCon’s ICO Pitch Competitions. Five (5) companies will be selected to pitch, meaning not every company who wants to pitch will be selected. All sponsors and exhibitors will have the choice to opt-in to the competition. If selected and thus notified by the CryptoBlockCon team, the organization will have five (5) days to respond and complete the $1,500 payment. If the organization fails to do so, they risk losing their place in the competition

–Pitches will last for 5 minutes

–Pitching organizations will be able to select a ‘walk-up’ song of their choosing, if they desire


Contact us below to be a part of CryptoBlockCon’s 2018 ICO Pitch Competition!